iPornoPanda Faucet - New features added!


PandaFaucet - So, here i am again. With my new faucet site. For those of you who did not know what faucet is, you can read here.

After running my faucet for 48 days (at time of writing), i already have more than 2,000 happy user!! Im soo happy!

I have added some new features to my faucet. Apart from doing task, faucet claim and completing shortlinks, now my faucet also have 'offerwalls' features. User can earn Pandoin by completing task from 3rd party apps such as doing a survey, download a mobile phone game, visiting a website and so on!

Actually this features give you a decent rewards that can goes up to $40 per task! And i, as a host, will only take some percent from it. 

I also have added a simple game such as 'wheel of fortune', dice and lottery! This can double up your rewards in no time at all. But use with cautious! It is a third party program and im not responsible for your lose. Gamble with cautious!

I already paid almost $400 to my user, which i can say, im still on the losing side. My ads revenue still cant cover the expenses. So, please help me by letting the ads load, dont use the adblocker because it will effecting my ads revenue greatly. I can only maintain, keep this site going by earning from revenue.

Anyway, im planning to add more features to my faucet in the future. So, if you are my faucet user, you should join my Telegram group so you wont miss important update regarding my faucet!

Not to mention, im doing NFT giveaway raffles every week! This is my first NFT giveaway raffles, if you are interested! It is on Twitter!
You can read about this NFT P2E here!

Useful links:

1. My Telegram group:     here
2. My faucet site:             here
3. My Twitter:                   here    


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