Faucet - What is Cryto Faucet and how does it works? Real or scam???


So long did not post a new content, i come back with 'Where did my faucet gone?' and a few of you been asking me, 'What in the hell is faucet? A Crypto faucet? 

For those of you who dont have the funds to actually start on known platform, well this one is for you.

So, What is Crypto Faucet? and How does it works?

A Crypto Faucet is an apps, or website or platform that offer you a rewards in cryptocurrencies for completing easy task. How does that sounds? Yeahh, too good to be true. Well, it is true, the only thing is, you only be rewarded is small fraction of the whole coins. Just like the title suggest, a small drop of water, dripping from a leaky faucet. 

How does it works?

Well, you will be doing a 'simple' task such as viewing an ads, clicking a link 'which is very annoying' because of the popups ads here and there', watching a video, completing a puzzle, shortlinks, offerwalls and the list goes on and on. You will then be rewarded small fraction of cryptocurrencies for each task completed.

Be mindful that, the reward is very small that it definitely wont make you rich over night. And some platform hold very high threshold, before you can actually withdraw it to your desired wallet. All i can say is, the more task you complete, the more you earn.

For free?

Yes. For free. But this is how it actually works, this platform running an ads from several ads services which you will encounter it from time to time. Such as ads banner, pop ups, and so on. Which means, you are actually get paid from the revenue the site's,app's owner running ads. Some goes to you, and some goes to the owner. Sounds fair. 

Ive been running faucet for several years but i stop last year. Not actually stop, but because the microwallet im using to pay my user are 'dead'. You can read about that here!

So now, im in the middle of getting back to tracks, new faucet. It is not fully work yet, but you can check it from the menu bars. If you happened to visit my faucet, do tell me what you think about it?

You can find me here at Torum!


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