Torum - Community event! NFT Art Contest and NFT Auction and charity! A call for NFT Collector and Talent Hunter!


Torum - A SocialFi Piooner integrated with NFT metaverse, and DeFi, is the talk of the town! With over 200k user in less than half a year on market, Torum is making its debut as a social network that connect every cryptocurrency enthusiast around the globe.

Up till now, Torum itself already holds numerous of reward giveaways and events to its community. But, here is yet another biggest giveaways that is hold by the community, yes, by the community and not by Torum itself!

Torum Art Contest (From community to community)

There is 3 on-going event as of now, and we will go through all of them one by one!

1. Themed Contest. (13th Feb - 27th Feb)

This is where lander need to create an 'Artwork' about your best interpretation of  #TORUMSPIRIT.

Please refer to this post for more information! Themed Contest

R U L E S:

1) ONE original artwork entry per participant.

2) Add a description (minimum 30 words).

3) Include a line about yourself, specifically: how long have you been creating art and which medium(s) do you work in.

4) The artwork is not randomly generated by a computer or part of a PFP/avatar collection. You guarantee that the artwork is unique and not part of a large set of similar works.

5) Stay focussed on topic and NO SHILLING here!!

You can submit your artwork here!

2. NFT Charity Auction. (2nd March - 4th March)

Everyone can donate an art to this event, doesnt matter if you're an artist or collector! All submitted art will then be auctioned.

The money received from the auction will 100% be donated to a community-voted charitable cause.

The Auction will happened on (Matic) with floor price set to 0.004ETH.

R U L E S:

1) This is a 100% non-profit event. ALL of all auction proceeds will be donated to a community-voted charitable cause.

2) At this time, we are only able to accept NFTs already minted on the MATIC network. Alternatively, we can mint your art for you on Open Sea, but ONLY IF IT HAS NEVER BEEN MINTED BEFORE.

3) No more than 3 copies of eligible art pieces have been/will be ever minted!

4) Up to 5 entries per PFP collection are welcome.

5) Every Lander is welcome to submit up to 7 artworks, but a maximum of 5 works/Contributor will be entered into the auction, to ensure proper curation and consistent art quality.

To submit your donation:

DM @Nekodiego and explain which artwork(s) you would like to contribute to the auction. She’ll need to know the artwork’s name & description, the creator, number of copies and copyright status. 

If the art has not yet been minted, you can send it to her and she will mint it directly on Open Sea for the big Torum Art Auction.

3. Promotion Event!

You like the idea, but you have no artwork to spare or fund to bid? Well, this is event is for you! You will get rewarded by just simply promoting this event and spreading the news to any of you preferred social network platform!

Share our community event on your preferred social media platform - Twitter/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Articles! Just make sure to include the hashtags #Torum #TorumArtContest #NFTAuction in your post. You can also copy/paste some of our example tweets :

"Ongoing: TORUM NFT ART Contest Feb 7–Mar 3. Join TORUM to discover upcoming artists, learn and share perspectives about cryptocurrencies and become part of a warm, welcoming community. SocialFi is taking off, don’t miss your moonshot!  #NFTauction  #NFTart  #NFTcontest”

 “Check out my favourite  #NFTartist __________in the:  #TorumARTContest Feb 7–Mar 5. Join  #TORUM and embrace  #SocialFi! 100% of the early March  #NFTauction will go to community-voted goodwill causes.  #ArtForCharity  #NFTart  #NFTcontest  #XTM”

 "Join us on  #Torum! Link to Contest Details :  #ArtForCharity  #NFTart  #NFTcontest  #XTM  #TorumArtContest"

Alternatively, you can check out this post on Torum on how to create a promotional tweet here!

Don't forget to tag @torum.official and @Bonnici_jordan in your post. Take a screenshot of your promoted material to ensure you get rewarded!

Useful links:

Register Torum
My Torum Profile: @ipornopanda
@Nekodiego, @Tigerius @Jordanvinu

Themed Contest: here!
Charity and auction: here!
Promotion Event: here!


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