NOKU - Free 30 NFT Trading Card Game!! (Play 2 Earn).


Noku is the governance token and utility of Nokuchain, a scalable blockchain designed to give life to the first protocol that can improve the performance of NFT for the Gaming application.

Following the wave of NFT and metaverse that been hitting the crypto world recently, Noku taking the opportunity and releasing its own Play to Earn (P2E) NFT Game based on trading card. 

Crypto Heros - A trading card game base on Non-Fungible Token (NFT), where its purpose is to make user learn how to invest by playing the game.

The card game will follow the real time market position where the will be ups and downs on its daily movement (%).

User will try to come up with the best prediction which card will mostly go up and put it in a deck, to compete with other user. If you placed among the top, after the end of each competition, you will earn rewards from the prize pool (cryptocurrency and NFT). 

You will need 10 NFT Card to start playing in a competition, and there will be more than one competition going in same day. Which means the more NFT card you have, the more choice you have to make your best card and join more than one competition in the same time.

By simply registering to their website, you will get 20 random free NFT Trading Card Game and another +10 Free NFT by doing simple task!

Register can collect 20 Free NFT Card: Cryptoheroes
+10 Free NFT Card (Telegram task): Telegram
My referral code: EDD35A1

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