Kucoin - $55k squeezed out from my Kucoin account. Secure your funds.

Take me a while to write this as im still lost in thought. Reorganizing myself, my thought. Scrapping here and there. So many things happened but so little time.

My Kucoin have been 'hacked'. $55k have been squeezed out from one of my main trading account. I guess yall can call me the master of 'how to get hacked 101' by now. Why?

Just about like December last year, my Metamask have been hacked, nah, i guess it is my own fault because, i believe it is from some sites i connect my wallet to.

I lose some NFT on opensea.io and some funds. Luckily this account is mainly for NFT, and im not fans of opensea, hence i have no highly valuable NFT on opensea. Yet, the damage is still there. Even a token that i purposely did not input it on the interface are transferred out. Like how the fuck did they even know?

But past is past, today imma talk about my funds from my trading account, Kucoin,  about $55k are being transferred out without me knowing until a week?? later.

What happened? how did it happened?

I have no idea myself and here is the timeline of whats going on in that weeks that i can think of and might be the keys;

- Im on leave from Feb 11th until Feb 15th (Torum).
- Im going to Sarawak for vacation. 11th of Feb.
- Liquefy some of my coin from Metamask.
- Logging in to my Kucoin account. Wanted to take some, but cancelled.
- Bring my laptop and MiFi.
- I believe my laptop never connected to public wifi.
- Im not sure about my phone tho.

- My PC at home are not turned off.
- Get wasted for the whole 4days.
- After coming back from my vacation, just then i read all my mails and message. I rarely do so-

- Unfamiliar message and emails.
- Too late to do anything, been 4days.

What i dont understand and still questioning until now is;
My Kucoin are on full security level. Phone number, Email, 2FA. So, how the heck did this happened? I am now currently trying to be in contact with Kucoin. And collecting materials and reading articles about 'Kucoin reimburse'.

In this turbulence time, losing $55k as the market keep going down really does effect me. Im scrapping from here and there to get all my funds together. I dont even remember where and what apps/website i have bits of my money. HAHAHA

Things you must do to secure your funds:

1. Never save your seed phase, passwords and any related to your crypto funds in you phone. Notebook is always the answer!

2.Never connect or log in to and crypto wallet or website from public wifi.

3. Check your message and emails regularly. 

4. Set up several security measure to your funds. 2FA, email code, phone number code. Not a sure fire security, but make it harder for hacker to leech your funds.

5. Be very careful to links you are about to click especially from mail and pay attention to website spelling. Phishing link.

6. Always have more than 1 wallet. (main wallet and airdrop or whatever it is you want to use it to)

7. Never use your phone when youre wasted. (Important!)

Im currently researching about this, but if you have an old phone, you can use it as hardware wallet:

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