KOGs SLAM! - Free NFT from KOGs Slam! sold for 250WAX.


KOGs Slam! - Some times ago, i have wrote about this Free 2 Play 2 Earn game from Kogs.gg. It is a mobile based game developed by Kogs Official.

Just by playing this game, you can earn Rfox Token or Kogs NFT collection where you can send it to your Wax wallet and sell.

How to earn from this game? By completing daily missions, you will earn 'Koins', it is like in-house money? Then you can convert your earned Koins to Rfox Token or you can use it to buy a pack.

As for now, there is 2 type of pack that can be bought using Koins;
3pcs KOGs NFT pack worth 150 Koins and 9pcs KOGs NFT pack worth 500 Koins.

You can earn 100 Koins daily from the missions. Which means you only need to play 2 days to get the 3pcs KOGs NFT pack, 5 days to get the 9pcs KOGs NFT pack or 10days to get 1000 Koins before you can convert it to Rfox Token(minimum).

In time of writing, 1 Rofx are worth $0.046. With 1000 Koins, you will get around 215 - 220 Rfox and that worth around $10.

Is it worth it?

Well, i like to gamble, so ill choose the latter one. Buying packs where you can get a random KOGs Slam! NFT with random rarity from common to ultra rare and sell it on Atomichub (Wax) NFT Marketplace. 

Up to this day, i already earned more than 100pcs KOGs Slam! NFT, sold it on Atomichub.io NFT Marketplace, and i already earned more than 600Wax from KOGs Slam! NFT. Dare to say, im the one who setting up the floor price of KOGs Slam! NFT for now. Haha, Not many are selling.

Just last night, one of my ultra rare KOGs Slam! NFT are sold for 250Wax! and thats worth like $70USD? Oh, and it is from the 3pcs pack! We really never know when our luck will come. I would say that is an achievement!

Not much compared to what i lose on Kucoin hacked! but still. Im just happy to see the amount. Trying to find happiness in little things.

Please have a look into my listing and consider buying! my stuff. It is really helping me to get back on my toes again!

What are you waiting for! Download the game now and start earning!

Useful links:

About KOGs Slam! : kogs.gg
Download KOGs Slam! : Android, IOS (coming soon)
KOGs Slam on Atomichub.io

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