iPornoPanda is on Torum!!

Torum is a revolutionary SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem designed to connect worldwide cryptocurrency users.

Basically this platform is a social network like Facebook, and Twitter but it is focused for cryptocurrency enthusiast all around the world.

I stumble upon this addictive platform from this one site called invitation.codes. Started real slow for first few weeks on this platform. Posting daily boring content just for the sake of the mission.

Oh yes, Torum rewards their user as an incentive for connecting with people, to interact or engage with 'landers' within the platform. 'Landers' is a term used for Torum consumer(user). The reward will be in $XTM.

What is XTM? XTM is a token governance by Torum itself. You can call it in-house currency where it is already listed on the market few months ago. 

Few months with Torum, i can say, i learned a lot more about our cryptoverse. News and information about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAO and etcetera all around the world. 

You earn $XTM, knowledge, informations and free stuff like NFTs and airdrop. All within one platform. Nothing beat free stuff you know!!

Will talk more about Torum and its features in the future. For the meantime, you can check and do your own research regarding Torum yourself.

And if you ever considered to dive more on Torum, consider using my referral link!

Or, you can input my username manually;
Username: ipornopanda

If you registered on Torum using my referral links, drop me a direct message and ill gift you a 'smol clap'! This is another interesting features on Torum, gifti. I will talk more about this later. If are already on Torum, do not forget to add me as your friend! Lets connect and grow together!

Useful links:

invitation.codes: invt.co

See you on the other side!!

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