Godsnlegends NFT (GNL) x Wombat Dungeon Master. Play 2 Earn (Beta)


If you are from Torum, you must be familiar and know about this NFT artist on WAX blockchain. Which is Godsnlegends. Giving away free drop every weeks.

Godsnlegends - Gods and Legends collectible NFT cards come in limited edition releases, can be staked, purchased, sold, traded, blended and used in an upcoming TD/Hero survival Play to Earn game (PC + Mobile).

Wombat - Home of blockchain gaming thats revolve around Ethereum, EOS and WAX. You can earn cryptocurrency, token and wombucks simply by just playing game.

Wombat Dungeon Master - Upon partnership between GNL and Wombat, they are releasing new Play 2 Earn (Beta) game, Wombat Dungeon Master where you can earn a 'point' by hiding your GNL NFT in the dungeon that can be converted into real money at the end of each season.

The game is still on beta phase and this is a very good chance to be one of the early bird to start earning you point. If you have ever win NFT drop from GNL or own their NFT, take this opportunity! Use your 'non-GNL-generating' NFT from your wallet and hide it in the dungeon!

Me myself just discover this and im still learning but here is some useful links to DYOR:

iPornoPanda on Torum: @ipornopanda
Godsnlegend on Torum: @chibianime @animeganja
Godsnlegends website
Wombat website
Wombat Dungeon Master website

Play Wombat Dungeon Master here!
Buy Wombat Equipment on secondary market here!
Buy GNL NFT on secondary market here!

Buy as many as you can GNL NFT (Rarity - Basic), price range 1-2WAX to hide it into the dungeon (up to 100 NFT). Doesnt matter basic to divine rarity, give the same mining power on Wombat Dungeon Master. Just go for the basic!


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