Betfury - Social i-Gaming Crypto Platform


Betfury is a Social i-Gaming Crypto platform with the first BTC dividend pool in the online gambling industry. Issued a native token called BFG. Coinmarketcap

As some of us, a gambling fans, part-timer, might already know this, Betfury is a gambling platform which supported more than 45+ type of cryptocurrency and more than 3000 types of games. But, gambling is not the only way to earn cryptocurrency. There is various way to earn cryptocurrency from Betfury platform;

1. Ofcourse, gambling.
2. Betfury 'boxes'.
3. Farming on their pool.
4. Holding their native token (BFG) in your Betfury account.

1. Gambling
Im a very passionate gambler if i may say. LOL. I always win when i gamble but lose. I means i easily can double or even triple my or even up to x100 my starting cash. But you know, no matter what we breed, we are always made of greed. Greedy get the best of me. So yeah, you will met the damned red line and lose eventually. Ill make posting about the best strategy to gamble on Betfury in the near future.

2. Betfury 'Boxes'
What is this boxes in the Betfury? Well basically it is a faucet. Where you can earn bit of cryptocurrency in specific time set. There is two types of boxes in Betfury. A free boxes and paid boxes.
Free boxes is a free faucet where you can earn cryptocurrency for free. With free boxes, Betfury is giving 3 types of cryptocurrency which is BTC, BNB and BFG.

You can earn 9 $BFG, 89 $BTC satoshi, and 0.00009900 worth of $BNB that can be claimed every 20minutes.

0.00000089 BTC = $0.038
9.00000000 BFG = $0.1545
0.00009900 BNB = $0.039

Yeah, it is not much. But, it is free! and you can gamble with it. You win? Thats good. You lose? well it is okay, you get more BFG.

The second type of boxes offered on Betfury is the paid one. Where you buy a box, and it will give you a return profit 7% for 7days up to 15% for 30days.
What interesting about this is, the box offered are very cheap. I means, you only need to invest around $0.50 to $2.00 per boxes. A very good reason to start investing for them who not have much capital.
Box offered: $BUSD, $UNI, $Pancake, $ZIL, $LINK and $CHZ

3. Farming pool
Very simple, buy BFG and stake it on their Staking Pool. Currently, their current staking pool let you earn up to 65% APY.

4. Holding BFG 
This is the very simple, easiest and unique way to earn from Betfury. You only need to hold BFG in you account, and you will get paid in 5 types of cryptocurrency, daily. Yes, daily. Which is, $BTC, $BNB, $ETH, $TRX and $USDT.
For example, if you holding 100,000 of $BFG tokens in your account, this is how much you will get;

Isnt this just an amazing opportunities? Imagine holding 1m of $BFG. Hold 1,000,000 of $BFG, forget about it, and you will be rich in blink of eyes? Hahaha.
Now, where can you get BFG? There is several way you can get $BFG but i will talk more about this later, the easiest way is buy it from Biswap. Connect your Metamask, buy and transfer it to you Betfury account.

What now? Not interesting enough? Or thinking of creating account? Then please consider using my referral link! xD

Useful links:
Betfury referral links: Betfury
Biswap referral links: Biswap


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