Expresscrypto is 'Dead' - Where did Panda Faucet gone??

Pandafaucet - A lot of yall been DMing me and drop a message on my faucet site asking 'why this faucet are not paying anymore??', 'Faucet dead??', 'This faucet is scam!' or 'My payment are not processed more than 1month' and etcetera.

Well, the short answer is, yes my faucet are not paying anymore and can be considered dead. Why? Because the microwallet im using for payment are down.. err maybe dead? Which is,

All my fund to pay my faucet user are on Expresscrypto. Im not even aware that Expresscrypto is dead because my faucet payment are automatic. I only comes once in a while to fund my Expresscrypto wallet. 

I still have lots like a lot of money on Expresscrypto. That is now, like can be considered gone? Damn.

My faucet only pay user with USDT, TRX or LTC, which ill fund it every month. The last time i remember is, i funded my wallet with;
-2 LTC
-10,000 TRX

So, the amount of my crypto on that site is around there. Well, it is not alot, but it is still money, no? haha.

Now, im developing new faucet site that will integrate with another microwallet which is

Suppose to be this month. I hope everything goes well. 

If you all still dont have a Faucetpay account, you can register one now for free!

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