REMITANO - Easiest way to buy Bitcoin via Bank

You from Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China? Having trouble to get your first Bitcoin? Introducing, Remitano!

REMITANO - is a product of Babylon Solutions Limited – incorporated in Seychelles. It provides escrowed P2P Bitcoin marketplace where people buy and sell Bitcoin easily and safely with notable simple UI, friendly online customer support 24/7 and lowest fee compared with major players on the market. Our team is comprised mostly by banking professionals with extensive experience in financial products, E-currencies, Payment System and Agile Software Development, and others.

Remitano is a platform where you can buy Cryptocurrency with your Bank! Avoid the hassle to deposit to an exchanger platform, or the high fees of credit/debit card servies. The interface is user friendly and easy to navigate.

You can buy a stable cryptocurrecy at Remitano such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether USDT, Litecoin and Bitcoincash. 

The step is very simple, when you want to buy Cryptocurrency, you can create your own ads with the price that you want and wait for people to sell it to you! You can also just search for any user that you want and create a trade with them, when you create the trade, the Bitcoin in their account will be 'freezed' by Remitano and give you around 15 minutes to transfer the exact amount of Bitcoin that you want to buy to the seller's bank. Do not forget to save your payment details, because you will have to upload that files before pressing the 'i have paid the seller' button.

After the seller already confirmed that their received the money in their account, they will release the Bitcoin and it will be transferred to your account. Vise Versa when you are selling. As simple as A B C.

With this platform, you can also invest with new popular coin such as Cardano (ADA), TRON (TRX), Stellar (XLM), EOS, Binance Coin (BNB), Tezos Chainlink Ethereum Classic, Monero. NEO and Polkadot!

Create you Remitano account now and start buying your first Crypto. Click here! to register!

Download Remitano for your Android and IOS below!

Android: Download!

IOS: Download!


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