PIPEFLARE - Free FLARE Token, ZEC and MATIC Everyday!!


PIPEFLARE - This is a really good site where it offer you a way to earn crypto and token such as ZEC, Matic and FLR Token for free. You only need to come and claim once a day and youre a done! and repeat the same process the next day and the day after.

What is unique about this site is, it pays directly to your wallet, you dont need to earn to certain threshold before you can withdraw to your desired wallet. Other than that, you will get to multiply your earning by;

1. Claiming continuously. Everyday the multiplayer will grow until the 6th day where you will get a freespin to earn up to 0.1ZEC! and bigger multiplayer on 7th day!

2. Linking your account to your social media. For each social media that you link, you will get a multiplayer start from 0.2x up to 1.9x multiplayer rewards.

3. By getting a friend to register to the site using your referral link.
You will get 1.1x multiplayer for your first referral, 1.25x after you get your 3rd referral, 1.5x multiplayer on your 5th referral an 1.75x on your 25th referral!

Thats it! the more you claim, the more you earn! On the next post, ill discuss on how to get more Flare Token and more earning with PipeFlare.io 

For the effort, consider registering the site with my referral link! Thank you!

Here is some useful links:

Whitepaper: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1maGKvj0lQNYcj_GVTgGmWhH-il5x3iSY/edit?rtpof=true&sd=true
Referral link: Pipeflare.io

Update: 14/2/2022
**Old post reposted, alot of new things changed on Pipeflare, and i will talk about this later.

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