GLOBALHIVE - Free ZEC everyday!


GLOBALHIVEGlobal Hive is a specialist membership group and consulting firm, focused on Data Center technologies and energy management.

Same like, Globalhive giving away Zcash (ZEC) faucet straight to your wallet. What does that means? There is no threshold before you can withdraw. All you claim will go straight to your desired wallet. You can claim one time daily and can earn up to 0.1 ZEC for free! 

The design of work is as same as PipeFlare, you can boost your earning by continuously claiming daily, up to x2 from basic claim value and extra free spin on your 5th days.

You can also boost your earning by linking your Globalhive account to your social media; Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin up to x1.9 your basic value.

Last, but not least. The biggest multiplayer they can offer you x10 is when you claiming Globalhive with Brave! Download your Brave browser here!

I have been claiming ZEC from Globalhive since then, and below is my claim history!

Do not miss the opportunity to earn ZEC for free while it last! Not much, but its free and you got nothing to lose.

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