FREEBITCO.IN - Win up to $200 every hour for free! + BITBOT auto roll.


FREEBITCO.IN - I believe most of us if not all, already know about this site. This site give you Bitcoin up to $200 worth of bitcoin every hour for free! 

For a new user, you will start with 4 satoshi reward per roll. Your rewards will increase gradually the when you level up or you can increase it faster by playing Multiply BTC, bet on even or buying lottery ticket.

But the is several problem that you will encounter, 

First, everytime you wanted to claim, you need to pass a captcha before you can roll to get your rewards. This kind of problem is what make people lazy to do the roll!

So, here, today, im giving one of the solution how to avoid all the hassle to pass the captcha! You can just register to (referral link), sit back and earn Bitcoin automatically!

All what you have to do is make an account at BitBot Plus and download this two apps at your phone!

1. BitBot Auto Roll

2. BitBot Synchronizer

You can download the BitBot Auto Roll on;
-Google Play. click here to download!
-Github. click here to download!

You can download the BitBot Synchonizer on;
.-Github. click here to download!

The second problem is, BitBot auto rolls on work for non-captcha user. But, there is many way to remove the captcha! and it changed many times by! The newest way to remove the captcha is;

Buy and hold 2,500 FUN tokens in your account to play FREE BTC with NO CAPTCHA!


Did you know that have their own token? With the name FUN Token and its on sale!

To buy FUN Token, click here!

For investor, click here!

You can remove the captcha by holding 2,500 Fun token in your account. Thats it! easy peasy!

2500 Fun Token is worth 0.00167500btc or $80 more or less.

Just deposite $80 btc worth to your account, buy FUN Token, and youre done! The captcha is gone!

Here is the FUN Token price chart for 30days! 

Is it worth it to buy FUN Token?

Well, there is many benefit you will get by HODLing FUN Token in website, such as;

1. You will earn a cashback from your wagering amount!

2. You will get Weels of Fortune spins daily. You can win a Lambo!

3. You will also get interest boost of your Bitcoin amount in your account!

So, what you think? is it worth it? Not only the captcha gone, you will also get another benefit by holding FUN Token!

Last but not least, the third problem is if you want to use BitBot Autoroll services, your account must be linked with 2 Factor Authenticator. But its really easy to set up 2FA.

From your dashboard > More > Profile. Find the 2FA, enter your email, and you will be emailed on how to set up your 2FA.

Give it a try and let me know what you think about it!

Here is all the links that you need to know;

1. Register your account here! (referral link)

2. Create BitBot Plus account. here!

3. Download BitBot Auto Roll

    - Google Play. here!

    -Github. here!

4. Download BitBot Synchronizer.

    -Github. here!

5. Buy FUN Token.

    - Individual. here! (referral link)

    - Investor. here! (referral link)


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