BLING FINANCIAL - Earn Free Crypto by playing game on your phone! (Android)


Bling Financial - I have come across with this good apps (Android user), im not sure about IOS, but this is the easiest way to earn Bitcoin while playing game!

There is four game that you can download from the same same company, Bling.

I already tried all four of this game and its super duper easy to play. and you can earn like 100 Satohsi in 5minutes. Food Fight is the easiest and fastest to earn Bling point in my opinion.

You need to get at least 10,000 Bling Point before you can cash out. But it really is take 5 minutes only to earn 10,000 Bling Point!
As any other free earner platform, you will encounter ads in between game around 15-30 second, but that is it.

Free Crypto, no?

Bling Financial only accept Coinbase wallet as withdrawal method. 

So, make sure you already have Coinbase wallet or you can create new one here!
You will also get extra $10 worth of crypto when you buy crypto with Coinbase!

Get you Coinbase account now! Download Bling's game from the Apps store and start earning free Bitcoin!

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